The Finally Lit Sparler

The moment when the extremely-hard-to-light special wedding sparklers actually lit up

Photo by , a Norfolk, UK wedding photographer at Duncan Kerridge Photography.

Jade and Dan had bought special wedding sparklers for a group photo after the meal. Special wedding sparklers = really really hard to light! This photo captures the moment that one of the guests actually managed to get one started!

Taken with a Canon 5Diii and Canon 24 1.4, ISO3200, 1/50, f2.5.

alexbeeThe Finally Lit Sparler

The Nose Dive


Photo by , a London, UK wedding photographer at Liam Smith Photography.

The party was in full flow, raving had well and truly begun. The groom couldn’t’ resist the opportunity to crowd surf.

Taken with a canon 6d and canon 17-40mm, 1/100 @ f/4 ISO200 w/.

alexbeeThe Nose Dive


The Mothers

Photo by , a Hong Kong wedding photographer at Jeremy Wong Weddings.

A beautiful moment capturing a bride with her mother and the groom with his mother.

Taken with a Canon 5dMark3 and 24-70 2.8 Canon, ISO 125 – f2.8 – 1/200.