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Moment Junkie is a blog devoted to showcasing the best in contemporary wedding photojournalism, with a focus on moments between people that are timeless, heartbreaking, hilarious, or all of the above. We love gorgeous portraits and well-planned details, but so often we’ve found that the photos we hold most dear — the ones we would give anything to hold onto — are those that encapsulate a memorable moment or remind us of how we felt as much as they show us how we looked. So we’re here to tell those stories, with submissions from some of the best working photographers around today.

Most of what you can expect here are Daily photos. We will also be featuring “Momentous Weddings,” that showcase the best in photojournalistic storytelling on the wedding day. And we will also feature the occasional essay relating to wedding-day stories or the workings of this blog.

All photos featured on this site, even in full wedding sets, will be reactive storytelling not directed by the photographer. But all styles and regions are welcome, as well as submissions from newcomers as well as the top in the industry. Just send us great moments.

This is as photographer-friendly a blog as you can get. In fact, it’s was created by professional photographers, is currently run by a professional photographer, and stems from part of a brainstorming session in Flickr’s increasingly inaptly-named Starting a Wedding Photography Business group (since renamed as of January 2012 to “Succeeding as a Wedding Photography Business”.

Your Curator:

alex-bee02Alex Blackwelder: I’m a Moment Junkie. In 2011 I mentioned to some friends that I wish there was a blog that published wedding photojournalism. Ryan, Kyle, and Chris ran with that idea. They set up the concepts & curated an incredible set of images that celebrated wedding photojournalism. They created the heart and soul of the blog. In 2014, Jamie Swanson took the reins. Using her blogging & business prowess, she simplified the entire process and implemented some very cool features. This is when I started to curate & manage the posts. Since 2016, I’ve been heading Moment Junkie with the same exact excitement and enthusiasm as the first four original Moment Junkies.

I believe anyone can take a pretty photo in a pretty place, but can you consistently capture great moments in every situation weddings throw at you? That’s the true test of wedding photography.

Your Previous Curators:
Ryan Brenizer
Ryan Brenizer: I’m an official Moment Junkie — the idea for blog name came from Strobist author David Hobby’s friendly description of my style. One of the reasons that I was so keen to launch this blog is that a lot of the things that get the most attention in my work are stylistic portraits and the crazy tricks I get up to, from the “Brenizer method” to flash composites, freelensing, and more, but it’s the fantastic moments that I get to witness at wedding after wedding that drive me forward and make this job both interesting and important. Techniques eventually get repetitive, and centerpieces usually start out that way, but I find the ways that people relate to each other, and the quirky, crazy, and tender moments that happen so often at weddings to be constantly fresh.

Kyle Hepp: I am a Moment Junkie. The end.

Chris Lin: My contribution to the aforementioned brainstorming included the offhand comment, “Is momentjunkie.com registered?” And so it was. When Kyle asked me to keep the Facebook page and Twitter from being completely automated, I was surprised and excited. The concept and impetus behind this blog is so awesome. I love the moments in documentary photography: the revealing and in-between bits flesh out the story of the day or the characterization in the stories the photographs tell. And for everyday people to have this for one day in their lifeā€”it can be a big deal. Whenever I get married, we’re totally hiring a Moment Junkie.

Even our logo was made by a working wedding photographer — thanks to Matt Shumate!

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