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Because wedding photography is about more than the amazing tablecloth fabric you chose and orchids and what designer your shoes are made by. Wedding photography is about more than the amazing calligraphy on your invites and what color bridesmaids dresses your best friends in the whole wide world are wearing.

Don’t get us wrong — we have nothing against regular wedding blogs. Everyone needs to find their inspiration somewhere. But to us, wedding photography isn’t about the perfect posed portrait or the most beautiful detail pictures. We want more from a picture than that.

Wedding photography is about your love. Wedding photography is about you. Wedding photography is about remembering how you felt in that split second when you looked up and caught your husband’s eye walking down the aisle. Wedding photography is about remembering the way you felt when your best man gave a toast that simultaneously embarrassed you and showed you that man-love can make your eyes water too. Wedding photography is about the shutter clicking at just the right moment.

We can’t wait to show you these amazing unposed moments, captured as part of compositions that make you want more, captured in a way that manipulates light like only a master can, captured in a way that tell us who the bride and groom really are and tell us the story of their wedding day.

We are moment junkies. We want more.

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