The Hazing

Ben Godkin Photo Austin TX

Fantastic shot by Austin, Texas-based photographer Ben Godkin. You know it’s a party when stuff like this is happening on the wedding day. I love the expressions and the textures here.

alexbeeThe Hazing

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  1. Ben Godkin

    I had to be right up in the action for this shot and consequently got egg all over my shirt. ;)This was taken during a hazing ritual of sorts. They had one corner of the room completely taped off and after the family came up, the friends started the barrage of silly string, eggs… and pretty much the whole kitchen sink soon enough. FUN TIMES!

  2. Imran Ali

    I am the one in the Houston Texans t-shirt, but man that was insane. Never again hopefully, at least not the vinegar-neck was burning after that.

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