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Don’t worry, this full wedding from Santiago-based wedding photographer Kyle Hepp wedding received scrutiny from Chris, Ryan, and quite a few others. Kyle actually submitted a handful of images before submitting the whole set. Good thing we waited, right? -C

Since a few people have asked about the next two photos, I’ll explain. The girl who caught the bouquet is muslim. So during the tradition where the male guest who caught the garter would normally put it on her leg, clearly she didn’t want to do that. So he’s putting it on her arm and she let him know that that was far enough.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Haley & Heyden

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  1. Meghan

    I’d love to hear the story behind the photos of the garter and the woman who must have caught the bouquet. She does not look pleased.

    1. Chris Lin

      As the headscarf indicates, she is Muslim. Kyle said due to modesty, she was quite embarrassed at the tradition of the garter-catcher putting the garter on the leg of the bouquet-catcher. The compromise was for him to put it on her arm. She gave a thumbs up when the garter was far enough her arm.

  2. lilith

    Same here… the woman with the garter really looks p*ssed… :s
    I wonder what tension is shown there… ^^

  3. Haley

    Just to clarify– in Islam, men are not supposed to have any physical contact with women who are not their wives or family members. Clearly lifting my friend’s dress to put on a garter would cause problems with that principle. My wedding was the first American/Christian wedding she had ever been to, so she did not know what to expect when she caught the bouquet. When she found out, she asked me to tell the guy to put it on her arm. Being respectful, he did just as she asked. She wasn’t pissed at all. As a matter of fact she thought it was really funny and was more surprised and shy than anything because she hadn’t known what to expect. It was a good time though and a fun memory for her.

    On another note, thanks for the amazing pictures Kyle!! You captured our beautiful, emotional wedding day just as we felt it. We love you!!!

  4. Yasmin

    Dear all—and hello Haley! I am the Muslim girl in these photographs :) My co-worker explained the situation to me and staged an intervention in order to avoid further embarrassment. Beginner’s Luck! It was the first time I ever tried to catch a bouquet. I wasn’t pissed. I was totally embarrassed. Thank you Haley for responding. And I’m not okay with strangers touching me…period. No tension, just boundaries! Take care everyone :)

  5. Gabrielle

    Yasmin, you sound like a sweetheart. I hope you had a good time, regardless of the embarrassment. :)

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