The Tuba

What does a bride do when her brass band joins the crowd and puts a tuba on (around?) her? Try to play, of course! This is her reaction, caught by London wedding photographer Naomi Goggin, when she managed to make a sound.

alexbeeThe Tuba

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    1. Chris Lin

      Hah! I actually spent about twenty minutes on Wikipedia after having the exact same reaction! I thought “that’s a Sousaphone, not a tuba…” and then found that a Sousaphone is classified as a type of tuba. Then that there is the helicon, which is also wrap-around. I decided to leave it as tuba. :-)

  1. Jess Jos

    Spectacular! A great moment captured so well. What a lovely photo to have from your wedding.

  2. Bryan Aulick

    A favorite. Weddings are wonderful for supplying photographs that never could have happened otherwise, even if the photo has nothing to do with the ceremony, the toasts, or the rings.

  3. Don

    Must have been quite a sound. Is that the groom, to the left, covering his face?
    Hmm… would she like some lessons?

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