Momentous Wedding | Jen + Lani

I was absolutely blown away by the way these photos. Chrisman Studios are some of the top wedding photojournalists in the world, masters of moments and light and emotion. And for Jen + Lani’s wedding in Mexico Erin Chrisman and Mauricio Arias absolutely outdid themselves. Some of the pictures are masterfully lit, some are hilariously funny or ridiculously crazy, some are simple beautiful moments — but that all portray that energy and tell an important story. That’s what this blog is all about. We are honored to be able to share this work with you on Moment Junkie.

When I see a wedding documented like this, I’m so inspired — to gain a deeper level of access to my client’s day, to frame better compositions, to not miss a single moment, to tell their story in a deeply meaningful way. Chris, Ryan and I hope that you feel the same when you look at work like this on Moment Junkie.

































































alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Jen + Lani

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  2. Pedro

    Fantastic wedding and even better photos ! TOP !!! Although would have been nice to see here some info on camera, lens, aperture, speed and iso used on these imagines.
    Congratulations for great work!

  3. Kate

    This post makes me so happy!! I was scrolling through the pictures like “Yeah, ok, nice…” and then I realized it was two brides! What a delightful, beautiful, happy and FUN wedding! I am sooo happy that we’re making progress toward equal rights for everyone who wants to legalize their commitment. Yay!!

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