Momentous Wedding | Laura + Roni

We just love this Toronto wedding from photographer Hugh Whitaker. The best momentous weddings are the ones you wish you could have attended. Wouldn’t you have just loved to hear Laura’s laugh? I’m sure it’s amazing.

In the photographer’s own words:

Some weddings you just know are going to be absolutely wonderful to photograph and this was one of them. I already knew Laura’s family from shooting her brother’s wedding 2 years earlier. The family is full of love, happiness and emotion and they’re not afraid to show it. The day was exactly as I expected high energy, laughter and jokes from the moment I met them at the hotel until midnight when I left. Laura and Roni are one of those couples that you just can’t help being drawn to. For me photography is all about the moments, its about making people unaware of you and capturing them in moments that show who they really are. To get to photograph people on their wedding day when they’re so full of love and happiness is such an honour.

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alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Laura + Roni

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