Style Me Gritty by John Dolan

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John DolanAs photographers lament the end of Style Me Pretty, a moment emerges to reflect on the current state of the wedding industry. While launching the careers of many vendors, many wedding blogs became an echo chamber of sameness.

This is the danger when a good idea becomes a template: Shoot like this and you will be published. This encouraged people to follow a formula rather than shoot freely and make discoveries, take risks.

Style Me Pretty may have been a victim of their own success. Trends are tricky to maintain. Even the name sent a message: Direct your subject and make sure to hide any flaws.

What will come next? Who knows. Maybe there is a hunger for something new and true: Unstyled and messy, like much of life.

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Photos & essay by John Dolan

alexbeeStyle Me Gritty by John Dolan

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