The Flower Storm

In this shot by Essex wedding photographer Rachel Pereira, the bride and groom’s contrasting expressions really do it for us!

alexbeeThe Flower Storm

The Aeki Beki

The bride here is clearly winning the game of Aeki Beki, an Indian wedding game/tradition. Ring and coins are placed in water with milk, both try to find the ring within the water and whomever finds it 4 times out of 7, rules the household. Incredible capture by AgaImage in Philadelphia.

alexbeeThe Aeki Beki

The Cake Paparazzi

We get a TON of cake cutting submissions. We’re pretty selective with them simply because this is an expected moment that happens at almost every wedding.

This one is particularly awesome because of great composition, and also because the moment is slightly different than what we normally get, focusing on the guests gathering to take a picture of the action, rather than the bride and groom themselves. Excellent work by Joseph Yarrow, a wedding photographer in Bristol.

alexbeeThe Cake Paparazzi

The Harassed Kiss

Ash Imagery, a wedding photographer in Philadelphia, captured this incredible moment! It makes me think of the ‘now kiss’ meme.

alexbeeThe Harassed Kiss