The Mohawk

Fer is not the only baller from Mexico who can catch a moment. Maria Velarde is the responsible for this beautiful photo.

alexbeeThe Mohawk

The Trail of Tears


What are the odds that the bride and every last bridesmaid would be wiping tears at the same time? And I’d love to know what the groom is thinking. Fantastic moment from Jenifer Sanders from Okangan, British Columbia.

alexbeeThe Trail of Tears

The Cows

Nordicaphotography cow action

I don’t think there’s much more to say about this great photo from Jakob Granqvist of Vancouver-based Nordica Photography. The … circle of life … in the background is one thing, but the bride’s expression that comes through the depth-of-field pushes it to another place.

alexbeeThe Cows

The Struggle

070310 Katherine Bruce Wedding 132

A very intense fight for the bouquet from Northern Virginia-based photographer Leo Druker!

alexbeeThe Struggle