The Raptor

The Raptor

Photo by , a Salem, Oregon wedding photographer at Tekoa Rose Photography.

The bride and groom were being announced into the reception and the Best Man put on a rubber raptor mask to surprise them as they entered.

Taken with a Canon 5d mkiii and 35mm.

alexbeeThe Raptor

The Peeking


Photo by , a Colorado wedding photographer at J. La Plante Photo.

The bride and her father were hidden away in a tent as the guests were being seated for the ceremony. Just as it was about time to walk down the aisle, they both sneaked a peek at the exact same time. It’s not difficult to see the family resemblance!

Taken with a Nikon D610 and Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G, 1/1000th, f/5.6, ISO 160

alexbeeThe Peeking