Momentous Wedding | Kendra & Brandon

Momentous Weddings are one of my favorite things & we have such a fun one for you today. Toronto wedding photographer Lyn Ismael sent in a surprise wedding. YES, you heard that right!

Lyn shared “Kendra and Brandon’s wedding was a surprise wedding to their guests. A year before, Kendra pulled off a surprise birthday party for Brandon. Since Kendra was turning 30 in August of 2016, they thought they would invite their guests for Kendra’s surprise birthday party, not knowing that they were actually there to attend their wedding. Only their wedding party and immediate family knew about it.”

We love how she captured the carefree & fun spirit of this wedding. Thanks Lyn!

Kendra-Brandon-wedding-038 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-054 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-064 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-065 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-073 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-075 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-077 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-078 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-079 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-254 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-323 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-355 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-358 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-360 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-361 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-366 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-369 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-375 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-376 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-378 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-379 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-380 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-381 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-382 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-383 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-387 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-390 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-391 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-398 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-400 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-403 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-417 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-431 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-476 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-478 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-482 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-489 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-505 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-513 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-530 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-579 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-581 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-589 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-640 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-661 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-671 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-674 Kendra-Brandon-wedding-680

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Kendra & Brandon

Momentous Wedding | Bex & Tom

Dorset, United Kingdom wedding photographer Will Wareham sent in this lovely momentous wedding. I especially love all the unique moments he captured inside the church.

Here’s what he had to say about the day:

Tom & Bex’s winter wedding was held at Rhinefield house in Hampshire. Starting with a ceremony at the local church where I was given completely free reign to take photographs (sometimes a rarity!) Glad that I was because their ceremony was abundant with really great moments. They had their reception & evening at Rhinefield house, which was also full of atmosphere with everyone gathered in the main hall for very emotional speeches and rapturous laughter from guests packed from tables up to the galleries. The event quickly moved on to the night celebrations where after the first-dance everyone filled the dance floor as I ducked in and out of the crowd to capture some great expressions.MJ-momentous-001 MJ-momentous-002 MJ-momentous-003 MJ-momentous-004 MJ-momentous-005 MJ-momentous-006 MJ-momentous-007 MJ-momentous-008 MJ-momentous-009 MJ-momentous-010 MJ-momentous-011 MJ-momentous-012 MJ-momentous-013 MJ-momentous-014 MJ-momentous-015 MJ-momentous-016 MJ-momentous-017 MJ-momentous-018 MJ-momentous-019 MJ-momentous-020 MJ-momentous-021 MJ-momentous-022 MJ-momentous-023 MJ-momentous-024

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Bex & Tom

Momentous Wedding | Faye & James

We think Hampshire, UK wedding photographer Tony Hart really knocked it out of the park with this wedding. We admire his ability to catch all the different types of moments from small to big! Thank you Tony for sending in this joy-filled beauty.

From Tony: Faye & James’ wedding at Elmore Court was filled with big expressions and lots of love. Faye is an actor, and James a producer. Their friends hail largely from creative and performance fields so there was never a situation short of interesting faces doing interesting things. Faye had a gentle (but not all that strong) childhood crush on James and when they left school and went through the ritual of leaving messages on each other’s shirt, Faye wrote “See you on our wedding night, Hubby!” Astonishingly, a decade later, their world’s re-collided at a bus stop and the rest is history. A truly inspiring story and a wedding filled with incredible moments!

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alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Faye & James

Momentous Wedding | Ania & Maciej

This momentous wedding comes all the way from Warsaw, Poland from photographer Piotr Zawada. We love the strong pops of red & sweet, sweet moments. One of the most emotional moments for Piotr was when the couple saw each other right before the ceremony. What a joyful day! Thank you Piotr for sharing this wedding with us.





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alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Ania & Maciej