Momentous Wedding | Katie and Kody

Caroline of Sweet Caroline Photo in Austin is no stranger to Moment Junkie, with several photos featured in the past year. She is an incredible wedding photojournalist, and so we are excited and honored to feature a full wedding from Caroline (and her soon-to-be husband and fellow Moment Junkie Ben); they photographed this wedding together.

Expect to see plenty more amazing wedding photojournalism to come from the team of Caroline + Ben Photography.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Katie and Kody

Momentous Wedding | Nicole and Chris

This week we are extremely excited to bring you a Momentous Wedding by the insanely talented Ray Anthony, a wedding photographer in Detroit, Michigan. The man has a knack for snapping the shutter at the most precise moments — every shot he takes captures the subject’s emotion at its peak, if that makes any sense at all. Looking at his work is a feast for the eyes and we’re so proud to be featuring a full wedding of his.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Nicole and Chris

Momentous Wedding | Hannah and Ilan

David Pullum is a Moment Junkie all-star—he’s an incredible wedding photojournalist.

Friends and family of the couple traveled from around the world to celebrate with them—their Rabbi even flew in from Israel to marry them. David was there to document it all.

We are absolutely honored to be showing you Hannah and Ilan’s Momentous Wedding! It’s truly amazing how David manages to tell a story in each photo.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Hannah and Ilan

Momentous Wedding | Ola and Jacek

Very excited to feature this wedding! A couple weeks ago we had a submission from Lukasz of Velvet Studio, in Poland, and I was so intrigued by the photos that I clicked over to his blog and fell in love with the moody deliciousness that is his wedding photography. In instantly emailed him to ask if we could feature a wedding. Lukasz does such an amazing job of capturing the subtle moments, the in between the lines shots that tell the story. I hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Ola and Jacek