Momentous Wedding | Rocio + Jacob

This wedding is breathtaking. I saw it, fell in love with every shot and knew immediately that I had to email Daniel Aguilar and Citlalli Rico to ask if we could share it on Moment Junkie. It’s a perfect collaboration between these two amazing photographers in Mexico.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Rocio + Jacob

Momentous Wedding | Erika and Vincent

One of the best things about starting Moment Junkie has been discovering amazing photographers. Annemari Ruthven is based out of Cape Town, South Africa and we are really excited to share her work with you. She blew us away so much that we wanted to feature a full wedding of hers. Some of the moments are more subtle, others are more in your face, but they are all full of emotion. Hope you enjoy looking at the following images as much as we did!


alexbeeMomentous Wedding | Erika and Vincent

Momentous Wedding: Sally and Cole

I adore Eric Yerke‘s work. I can honestly say I think he’s one of the most underrated wedding photographers out there shooting today. So we are VERY proud to feature one of his weddings on Moment Junkie today. We’ll all be able to say we knew him back when :)


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Sally and Cole

Momentous Wedding: Elle and Kevin

WOW. Seriously, wow. You are in for a treat with this one. The infinitely talented Craig and Kitty from Twin Lens Images killed it at Elle and Kevin’s wedding. They had some help from their awesome associate photographer Lisa Krantz as well!

These photos give me a new found appreciation for the art of photojournalism and what it really means to tell a story through moments. Hope you enjoy having your mind blown.


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Elle and Kevin