Momentous Wedding: Emily and Andy

To say that Ryan and I are huge fans of Anna Kuperberg’s work is an understatement. When we first talked about posting Momentous Weddings hers was one of the first names that popped up. She captures a full weddings in a photojournalistic way, but what is also incredibly impressive is that Anna even manages to give details life and movement. Check out more of her work here and you will see what we mean.


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Emily and Andy

Momentous Wedding: Mikey and Felicity

Very few people tell a story with as distinctive a voice as Jonas Peterson. Whether you’re looking at a shot of nipple pinching men getting down on the dance floor or a romantic picture of the bride and groom at the altar, you can always tell you’re looking at a JP original.

It’s our honor to feature his work as our second ever Momentous Wedding. Enjoy.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Mikey and Felicity

Momentous Wedding: Eva and Lane

Even though Moment Junkie is a new project, we have been getting so much great feedback already, and couldn’t be happier. It seems that we’re not alone in thinking a site like this feels a much-needed niche, with a daily dose of photos that remind us of what’s really important on wedding days — friends, family, and what happens when you put them in a room and give some of them alcohol.

In all seriousness, we’re very grateful, and we’ve got more to come! We’ve been reaching out to a few photographers for submissions of “Momentous Weddings,” and we’ve gotten the very good response that “I’m not quite sure what that means.” So we thought it would be best to show an example.

What we’re looking for is to show off full wedding coverage focused on people and the moments between them, without any posing or simple mugging for the camera. As with any blog, it’s best to over-submit images and let us edit them down, but in the final set there will be minimal landscape scene-setters and detail shots. Nothing at all wrong with those, but we’re on a mission to showcase photos with heart, humanity, and humor.

I reached into the wayback machine for this momentous wedding between Eva and Lane. Maybe it’s because I already blog all of weddings comprehensively these days, or maybe it’s because their passion and unyielding sense of fun stands out to me through the years.

This is a multi-day wedding with a twist. They contacted me as they were planning their wedding in New Orleans and said “Hey, instead of doing an engagement shoot in New York City, we’re just going to get married here … and married there.” They had a quick, intimate ceremony at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn on a cold February day.

Things heated up quite literally at their wedding in New Orleans, which mixed the NOLA jazz vibe with Eva’s Danish traditions, and guests who were ready to roulez their bon temps.

From Ryan Brenizer


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Eva and Lane