The Rice Fight

Raleigh Wedding Photographer - Shelley Hartman

Photo by , a Cary, NC wedding photographer at Hartman Outdoor Photography.

Ram and Belinda had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, which was led by a Hindu priest in Sanskrit. The ceremony also included passages from the Christian faith, and it was a wonderful blend of cultures. The couple were wed under a traditional Indian Mandap. Belinda wore a stunning red sari and her hands were covered in beautiful henna designs, while Ram wore a handsome Sherwani. As part of tradition, the two exchanged Var Mala and started to sprinkle rice on each other. Soon it became a food fight with Ram and Belinda throwing the rice all over each other. Then Ram picked up the entire bowl of rice and poured it on Belinda’s head!!!

Taken with a Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon 70-200 2.8L, Aperture Priority, ISO: 200, Exposure: +1, Aperture: 2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/1000.

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