The Mirrored Emotion

bride and dad  crying black and white

Photo by , a Charleston, SC wedding photographer at Jennings King Photography.

This moment was right after the father saw his daughter in her dress for the very first time. Both were still full of emotion and dabbing their eyes from the happy tears. I loved how they both her doing it at the same time & the same way.

Taken with a Nikon D700 and Nikor 24-70, ISO 640 – 27mm – f/2.8 – 1/125 sec.

alexbeeThe Mirrored Emotion

The Crossfit Toast

the crossfit toast

Photo by , a Minneapolis, MN wedding photographer at Becca Dilley Photography.

The bride met her husband through a friend at Crossfit. During the toasts, the friend mentioned how strong of a woman she is and how lucky her husband is to find her, prompting the bride to show off her muscles.

Taken with a Nikon D600 and Sigma 85mm 1.8.

alexbeeThe Crossfit Toast