The Best Man Challenge

The 'Best' man challenge image by Annamarie Stepney Photography

Photo by Annamarie Stepney, a Sussex wedding photographer at Annamarie Stepney Photography.

The father of the bride was making fun of the Groom for having to best men. He challenged them to decide exactly who indeed was the “best” man via an arm wrestle.

Taken with a Canon 5dmk3 and Canon EF 35mm f1.4.

alexbeeThe Best Man Challenge

The Honest Moment.


Photo by Janine Collette, a New Jersey wedding photographer at Janine Collette Photography.

Jason, upon seeing his bride for the first time was completely overwhelmed by emotion at her sight. He tried to fight his tears, but in the end, the tears won!

Taken with a Nikon D4s and 70-200.

alexbeeThe Honest Moment.