The Meaningful Gift

The Meaningful Gift

Photo by , a San Diego wedding photographer at Let’s Frolic Together.

This Bay Area wedding was full of incredible emotion. The groom’s sister was wrapping her speech. Both the groom and his sister have worn these matching mala bead strands (prayer beads) on their wrists for years—they never take them off. His sister’s speech spoke to the significance of the beads in their lives and touched on what it means for her and how it connects them. She ended the speech describing how much the beads serve a meaningful role in her life, and concluded with: “… and now, Nicole, they’re yours.”

Taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 85mm.

alexbeeThe Meaningful Gift

The Mid-Ceremony Laughter

Elizabeth & Zach

Photo by Christopher Anders, an Asbury Park, NJ wedding photographer at Anders Portfolio Photography.

There was some nervous mid-ceremony laughter at Elizabeth and Zach’s wedding. They both knew that their photographer’s wife had unexpectedly gone into labor just as their wedding started and we were pressed for time. Everything worked out, despite some extra stress, we were able to finish the ceremony and I was able to make it to the hospital just in time to see my son being born.

Taken with a Sony A7 and Sony 55mm.

alexbeeThe Mid-Ceremony Laughter

The First Turban


Photo by Mathias Fast at Mathias Fast Photography while assisting Pardeep Singh Photography.

A young boy getting his first Turban tied. He was warned him it might hurt a little and sure enough he winced in pain during the process. He wore a look of pride for the rest of the day though =)

Taken with a Nikon d700 and Nikon 50mm 1.4, ISO 1250 f/2.2 1/400 sec.

alexbeeThe First Turban

The Overwhelmed Flower Girl


Photo by , a Boston, MA wedding photographer at Aaron Spagnolo Photography.

A bride grins wide as her flower girl breaks character and has a cry during the walk to the alter. Not enough flowers, was the problem after a day of hand picking petals, and surely weeks of buildup in her young mind, it was just too much. The wedding of spontaneous location was about 50 yards from where our flower girl ran out of petals (she basically made it down a flight of steps.) I can only imagine the disappointment she felt, to be so young and certainly taking her role very seriously. The bride of course seems to love it.

Taken with a Canon 5d mk II and Canon-l 28-105 f4, f8, iso 200.

alexbeeThe Overwhelmed Flower Girl