The Tantrum

Classic tantrum wedding moment by Razvan in Cedar Rapids. How could we pass up that face?

alexbeeThe Tantrum

The First Supper

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I love this photo, from Kingston, Ontario-based Tim Forbes even more the more I look at it. In one shot there are five entirely different stories going on, laid out in a simple line. That’s a really, really rare catch.

alexbeeThe First Supper

The Big Laugh

IanWilkinson 5

When I looked at this photo, from Brisbane, Australia photographer Ian Wilkinson, I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened during a church ceremony to make the bride laugh so raucously. I love it.

alexbeeThe Big Laugh

Momentous Wedding: Mikey and Felicity

Very few people tell a story with as distinctive a voice as Jonas Peterson. Whether you’re looking at a shot of nipple pinching men getting down on the dance floor or a romantic picture of the bride and groom at the altar, you can always tell you’re looking at a JP original.

It’s our honor to feature his work as our second ever Momentous Wedding. Enjoy.

alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Mikey and Felicity

The Glee

The movement. The expressions. Sometimes a photographer gets a once in a lifetime perfect shot. This is one of them. By NJ wedding photographer Brad Ross.

alexbeeThe Glee