The Miss

Jen Ing, based out of Boston, captured this moment. Oops! Needs no more explanation than that :)

alexbeeThe Miss

Momentous Wedding: Sally and Cole

I adore Eric Yerke‘s work. I can honestly say I think he’s one of the most underrated wedding photographers out there shooting today. So we are VERY proud to feature one of his weddings on Moment Junkie today. We’ll all be able to say we knew him back when :)


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Sally and Cole

The Stress

What a fantastic capture by Levi Bethune. To me this says so much about how stressful wedding days can really be.

alexbeeThe Stress

The Bad Shave

Backstory: After receiving a terrible straight razor shave, this guy asked his buddies how bad it looked. Sammy Davis Jr. was the only one telling him flat out!

Mike from MNC Photography in St. Louis sent us this moment. I love everything about it.

alexbeeThe Bad Shave