The Leap

Kevin Ward did an awesome job capturing the expressions from this bouquet toss at precisely the right moment — easier said than done.

alexbeeThe Leap

Momentous Wedding: Elle and Kevin

WOW. Seriously, wow. You are in for a treat with this one. The infinitely talented Craig and Kitty from Twin Lens Images killed it at Elle and Kevin’s wedding. They had some help from their awesome associate photographer Lisa Krantz as well!

These photos give me a new found appreciation for the art of photojournalism and what it really means to tell a story through moments. Hope you enjoy having your mind blown.


alexbeeMomentous Wedding: Elle and Kevin

The Tissues

Fantastic capture of a whole lot of emotion. Photo by James Bitz from Lincoln, Nebraska.

alexbeeThe Tissues

The Prayer

No faces necessary to feel the intensity of this shot. Lovely prayer photo by Benj Haisch.

alexbeeThe Prayer