The Emotional Grandmother

If this moment doesn’t make you tear up just a little bit you should probably go to a cardiologist and get checked out to see if your heart is made of stone. Superbly captured by Heather Nan in Utah.

alexbeeThe Emotional Grandmother

The Veil

Don’t you love when a moment like this comes together and you are able to capture three great emotions in one click? Korrie Leigh Crowley in Boston, was standing in the right place at the right time to capture this awesome shot.

alexbeeThe Veil

The Swing

A moment that makes me literally laugh out loud is a great one in my book. Great photo by Jeremy Reed!

alexbeeThe Swing

The Encouragement

I can almost hear this little girl trying to get the other flower girl just as pumped up as she is! Moment by Catherine at Calima Portraits.

alexbeeThe Encouragement