The Jenga Collapse

AWESOME. Tom Weller in the UK capture this great shot. In case you haven’t noticed, here at Moment Junkie we love wedding disasters and things falling. If you’re a bride, knock on wood that none of those things happen at on your big day. But if they do, knock on wood again that you have a great photographer there to capture the moment :)

alexbeeThe Jenga Collapse

The Portrait Of Grandma

This wonderful portrait of (a random) grandma on the dance floor is brought to us by Jade at Uplift Photography.

ETA: She emailed us with the bride’s story of the photo and it’s too funny not to post.

““My parents house burnt down in February of 2007 from a chimney fire. During the rebuilding phase my parents would go to antique stores looking to replace things that were lost. One day they were at a store looking around. My mom heard my father starting to laugh. When she found him he was standing in front of a photo of an older woman, who we now fondly call “Edna”, laughing so hard he was crying. He convinced my mom he needed to have this picture. My mom refused to buy it, but saw how happy it made my dad so she managed to talk the owner down from 20 to 15 dollars. For a year she sat in our laundry room, my mom refusing to allow her in the house. Slowly my dad started bringing her out to family events and dinners. Eventually she became such a hit with the family that she was being requested to attend birthday parties, holiday parties and even family vacations. We assume it was a painting of someone’s grandmother and they got rid of it. We have no idea who this woman really is or where she came from.””

alexbeeThe Portrait Of Grandma

The Wait

Loving this stare down between the groom and the minister as they wait for the ceremony. Subtle moments are awesome too. Photo by the talented Emily Porter.

alexbeeThe Wait

The Scary Surprise

What did she see under there? I’m dying to know! Great moments will leave you wanting more. Sent to us by Tim Harris in Australia.

alexbeeThe Scary Surprise

The Hangman

At first glance, I thought, “Why is she sending us pictures of a teacher?” On second glance I found so many things that told the story. The groom entertaining himself before the ceremony. The way he’s so solemnly playing hangman as if it’s the last thing he’ll ever do as a single man. Excellent moment that makes you dig a little deeper by Heather Jowett out of Michigan.

ETA: Heather emailed to tell us this is a groomsman, not the groom. But that doesn’t make it any less of a great moment!

alexbeeThe Hangman