The Ring

You have to love a prankster at a wedding. Moment courtesy of Jennifer Mott from Toledo Ohio.

alexbeeThe Ring

The Unfettered Laugh

Boda Leah y Nils 236

A fantastic photo from Moment Junkie’s own Kyle Hepp. Kyle bravely asked me (Ryan) to look over some of her entries as though she were not the co-founder of the blog, and I am very happy to feature this image. From the great moment of the bride losing herself in laughter during the ceremony, to the very close wide-angle shot that creates a different atmosphere than most photographers create during ceremonies, this to me is a “signature Kyle Hepp” photo.

I think nothing can say more about how proud we are of Moment Junkie and the attention its received than the fact that both Kyle and I get extremely nervous when submitting work to our own blog.

alexbeeThe Unfettered Laugh