The Realization

Rule 292

A fantastic moment from Sacramento, California-based Teresa K photography. Caught the perfect moment and light, and there’s a real voyeuristic feel (in a good way).

alexbeeThe Realization

The Exit

You can t beat their expressions

Fantastic expressions in a church exit by Sam Hurd of Washington, D.C., who brings his aesthetic as a working photojournalist to his wedding coverage.

alexbeeThe Exit

The Cake Goeth Before…

Wedding Photographer in Jersey

There must be something about photographers named David and that perfect pre-catastrophe moment. Absolutely amazing photo from UK-based David Pullum (blog) — I love it even more because of the groom’s obliviousness.

alexbeeThe Cake Goeth Before…

The Embrace

The London West Hollywood Wedding Photography 0035

I have a feeling this site’s submission inbox is going to be the world’s best collection of hugging pictures. What I love about this one from the awesome SoCal-based Paul Von Rieter is that it captures a moment of poignant emotion while the lighting puts it perfectly within his style and brand.

alexbeeThe Embrace