The Exit

You can t beat their expressions

Fantastic expressions in a church exit by Sam Hurd of Washington, D.C., who brings his aesthetic as a working photojournalist to his wedding coverage.

alexbeeThe Exit

The Cake Goeth Before…

Wedding Photographer in Jersey

There must be something about photographers named David and that perfect pre-catastrophe moment. Absolutely amazing photo from UK-based David Pullum (blog) — I love it even more because of the groom’s obliviousness.

alexbeeThe Cake Goeth Before…

The Embrace

The London West Hollywood Wedding Photography 0035

I have a feeling this site’s submission inbox is going to be the world’s best collection of hugging pictures. What I love about this one from the awesome SoCal-based Paul Von Rieter is that it captures a moment of poignant emotion while the lighting puts it perfectly within his style and brand.

alexbeeThe Embrace

The Stairs

Iowa wedding photographer Eric Yerke (blog) manages to combine amazing compositions with great moments.

alexbeeThe Stairs