Submission Guidelines

Please read this essay on what we’re looking for before submitting so you have a better idea of what kind of images we accept.

We want to build the best collection of amazing wedding moments around and to celebrate the photographers who are telling these fantastic stories. Our mission is simple, and so our are guidelines for submissions:

For Daily Photos:

  • Please submit photos measuring 760 pixels on the longer side to
  • Please include a link to your website in your email.
  • Please provide us with camera, lens, and exposure info, ie: This photo was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III on a 50mm f/1.2L lens. 1/200s @ f/2.5, ISO 1000.
  • Please tell us where you are based, is: I am a wedding photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Please only submit photos that you have taken and hold the copyright to (in all cases, you keep the copyright).
  • The action in your photos cannot have been directed or scripted for photographic impact. Photos with camera-aware subjects are allowed, but the action that defines the moment must be spontaneous.
  • Please only submit one photo per email.
  • Please no watermarks — we don’t want to have to decide which ones are OK and which are not. We love photographers, we ARE photographers — we will prominently link to where you would like us to.

For Momentous Weddings:

  • These are full wedding stories told entirely through reactive photojournalism. Again, NO photos may be posed or scripted.
  • We are currently not accepting submissions, but for now we welcome e-mailed tips to amazing photojournalistic work not created by you or your studio.
  • Don’t worry, this will change. We’re still finding our footing and want to make sure the work we present is as spectacular as possible.

We are getting your e-mails. We will try to be as responsive as possible, but it might take us a while sometimes, and we occasionally may not respond to entries that are not accepted. We are both heavily working photographers — Ryan photographed 131 wedding-related shoots last year, Kyle shoots in Chile, America, Europe, and beyond, and Chris is busy between being a technical genius, the funniest person on the internet, and keeping Kyle and Ryan in line.

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